My First Month in Homeless Garden Project’s Transitional Job Program

The Homeless Garden Project is about growth, learning and starting new life. As a trainee, I’m learning so many valuable tools in gardening, planting and harvesting. Before I started working at the farm, I hadn’t worked in eight years. My self-confidence was low, but my hopes for my future were high.

From day one, Lindsay, our Supervisor, made me feel valuable, something I hadn’t felt in years. Darrie, the Project’s Director, told me that what I had to say was important and inspiring which shifted my confidence from feeling worthless to maybe I could make a difference.

Everyone at the farm is welcoming, loving, giving and overall beautiful people. I’m blessed for each and every day I get to absorb their knowledge and zest for life.

So the farm isn’t just a place where food and flowers grow. It’s a place where new life starts every day in the people that volunteer, work and visit this wonderful place we call the Homeless Garden Project.

– Traci Pierson: “I’m starting my new life in Santa Cruz, CA. My hobbies are reading, hiking, camping, biking–I love anything outdoors. I have a 14-year old daughter who is the joy of my heart and sunshine in my life. I am a child of God and He gives me hope for the future and teaches me His unfailing love which in turn I can give to others.”