"Being here is helping each other help ourselves. I had an opportunity to heal and grow. I’ve sown thousands of seeds here and left a mark." 

- Andrew Albright

Who is Eligible?

Job-Training & Transitional Employment

To be eligible for employment and training at the Homeless Garden Project’s Natural Bridges Farm Program or the Value-Added Enterprise, candidates must fit within certain economic parameters, and indicate a willingness to abide by a number of simple but important rules of conduct.  Eligible candidates will:

  • Be currently experiencing homelessness (though occasionally we make exceptions for people who were recently homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless)
  • Indicate a willingness to set goals and work towards achieving them in order to make positive changes in their life
  • Have a desire to learn the horticultural skills required in operating an organic farm, as well as floral design techniques and retail sales skills
  • Understand that they must be able to get along with co-workers and staff, and follow directions and rules in order to fulfill the requirements of the job training and employment program
  • Agree to participate in ongoing progress “check ins” conducted by Project staff

To determine eligibility, an interview will be scheduled with the Training and Education supervisor.  The interview covers many areas of the candidate’s work life, educational background, military experience, and lifestyle issues that may need to be addressed during the course of their employment and training program.

If, after the interview, the candidate is determined to be eligible, the candidate will participate in a two-week trial hire period, giving the candidate and the staff the opportunity to see if this is a good job-training match.  If both parties agree, the candidate is hired with a one-month introductory period.

In order to remain as a trainee in our program, a trainee must demonstrate a willingness to set and make progress towards mutually acceptable goals in their personal life, as well as in the training program.  If, after repeated opportunities and support by Project staff, a trainee does not demonstrate progress in both life goals and training goals, the Project will give the trainee two weeks notice of severance and will open the space to other candidates.