Job-Training & Transitional Employment

The Homeless Garden Project's (HGP) employment-training program serves individuals in Santa Cruz county who are experiencing homelessness, who have encountered barriers to employment, and who wish to maintain a stable productive place in their community. In the soil of our urban farm, people find the tools they need to build a home in the world. 


Our training consists of formal classes and hands-on work in these programs:

  • In the Natural Bridges Farm program trainees learn to sow, cultivate, and harvest organic produce and fresh cut flowers. This harvest is sold through our Community Supported Agriculture program.

  • In our value-added enterprise trainees learn to dry a wide variety of herbs and flowers and design beautiful, long-lasting arrangements and other value-added products, which we sell online and at our downtown retail store.

We encourage you to visit the farm on a Thursday or Friday between 10am and 2pm to meet with our Training & Education supervisor. You can see firsthand if the employment-training program and work is something you would like to commit to in order to meet your goals. 

If it seems like a good fit, you will be asked to apply.  The Training & Education supervisor will schedule an orientation and paid two-week trial hire with you.

The Homeless Garden Project is actively recruiting people to join the employment-training program. To learn more about the program and work opportunities: call 831-818-1029, visit the farm, or email


"I began to feel good about what I was accomplishing and a spark began to ignite inside of me."
- Chris Roberts