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The Homeless Garden Project provides job training, transitional employment, and support services to people who are experiencing homelessness through work in our employment social enterprises.

In support of our mission, we have created mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses and successfully matched Homeless Garden Project graduates with employment opportunities through our Employer Partner Network.

We will introduce you to job candidates that are qualified to provide the skills your business requires. Our partners include New Leaf, The Garden Company, the City of Santa Cruz, and a variety of local nonprofit organizations in addition to private employers.

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Our Impact


secure stable jobs


find stable housing

* since 2014

A Few of Our Current Employer Partners

These partner organizations have recently hired Homeless Garden Project graduates, joined our job series, and/or supported the mission through volunteering, sponsorship and donations.


The Homeless Garden Project  has been an invaluable asset to our community. As an organization that does more than enable , it empowers people to gain control of their lives, to move out of homelessness, and to become productive citizens in our community. New Leaf Community Markets has had several Homeless Garden Project graduates join its ranks and have had job success and even careers at the business I started. It’s great when you can employ someone who has had a rough go of it, but it is extraordinary when that individual contributes to the business’ success and that’s the kind of people that come out of the Homeless Garden Project."

- Scott Roseman, New Leaf Founder 
Meet Candidates

With an in-depth knowledge of our graduates’ strengths and employers’ needs and values, we present candidates we believe will be a good fit for your company.

Employees Who Are Work Ready and Ready to Work

By completing our transitional employment program, graduates have shown that they are committed to success and have learned the expectations of the workplace.

Employee Follow Up Services Aimed at Reducing

We support graduates for at least 6-months with routine check-ins and on-going job coaching to ensure their success.

Transferable Work Skills that Apply to Many
Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Homeless Garden Project have hands-on experience with job training and bring transferable work skills that are valuable to a variety of employers, such as ability to:

  • Communicate effectively 
  • Assess situations and identify problems
  • Be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors
  • Plan and manage time, money, and other resources to achieve goals
  • Work independently or as part of a team
  • Be willing to continuously learn and grow 
  • Be aware of personal and group health and safety practices and procedures, and act in accordance with them
  • Understand and work within the dynamics of a group

Connecting Employer Partners
to the Community

  • When you hire graduates from the Homeless Garden Project, you support the Santa Cruz community by creating a diverse workforce. 
  • By being a part of the solution, you make a commitment to inclusive employment and create new opportunities for community members.
  • The Homeless Garden Project is committed to staying in an ongoing conversation with you - supporting our employer partners and graduates to flourish.

Employer Partners Can Also
Support Our  Mission Through:


Sponsorship of events and financial contributions are needed to help the Homeless Garden Project continue to provide transitional employment services.

In-Kind Contributions

Donations of goods and services are valuable in helping us achieve our mission. We are grateful for in-kind donations that will support our farm, retail enterprise, office work and trainees’ quality of life. The specific items and services we need include:
- Truck repair
- Pro bono building repair and maintenance services
- Farm tools and supplies
- And more!


By working side by side with Homeless Garden Project trainees and the community you help build community and end stigmas around homelessness.


Additional Ways Employer
Partners Can Get Involved

Job Series:
focuses on job search skills, goal setting, and multiple professional development skills. These sessions take place January - April.

Employer Partners attend:
practice interviews, employer panels, and a variety of other opportunities to prepare trainees for their next job.


Contact Information

(831) 426-3609

30 West Cliff Dr. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

PO Box 617 Santa Cruz, CA 95061

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