See the fruits of our humble labor.

A Note from Our Executive Director

Dear Homeless Garden Project friends,

During 2019, we accomplished a lot. We completed our $3.5 million campaign to Build the Farm. THANK YOU!

We strengthened our team and improved our processes. We hired capable, strong and compassionate staff: a training manager, a farm manager and a director of operations, all who’ve made major contributions to uplevel our programs and services.

We educated the public, and we inspired the world to think differently.

• What a pleasure to share this work with the public, showing the new grounds and plans at Pogonip and educating the community about sustainable farming, stewardship and our holistic program that benefits everyone.

• Jonathan Franzen addressed our donors at our Sustain Supper, and his address was published in The New Yorker.

We were humbled by generosity.

• Longterm, consistent donations over time and investment in our program are what has sustained us over the years.

• And Jonathan Franzen’s article brought us a very special donor who helped us with the final funds to realize our $3.5 million fundraising goal. We’re heartened by so many generous acts with unforeseen positive consequences!

• Volunteers generously donated 18,573 hours of their time!

We want to thank everyone who contributed in any and all ways, to help bring us to this point. We're eagerly awaiting approval from the City of Santa Cruz to begin building Pogonip Farm. We’re so grateful for the great coverage in the the Santa Cruz Good Times and the Santa Cruz Sentinel and for all of the validation we’ve received from our community.

Darrie Ganzhorn
Executive Director


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