Meet Robert, a Trainee

Robert, an intern at the
“…great to see everyone working together.”

Q. When were you with HGP?  In what capacity did you work at HGP?

A. I started March/ April 2010- present. I am working as a trainee.

Q. How did HGP impact where you are now?

A. I am currently staying at the shelter and I have an interview with Project Reconnect. I am volunteering at the shelter and I hope to get housing and a second job as soon as possible.

Q. How would you describe how HGP has fulfilled its oinal vision? What work do you think still lies ahead for HGP?

A. The HGP is job training but it is also apart of life. Finding housing, get food, find work—the project accomplishes all of these goals and more. The HGP helped me with my job search as well as getting clothes and other important resources. The HGP wants to help the homeless and it succeeds at this.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory of the HGP that you would like to share?

A. Something we all did together. When Home Depot came it was a really big deal for everyone. It was great to see everyone working together and to watch Paul talk about the project and making everyoner apart of the show.