I’m Part of A Solution

Mona Stevenson
1993 – Present Trainee

Roughly seventeen years ago I first began my training experience making wreaths and working at the WOFE gardens on Washington Street and up at Natural Bridges Farm.  Then in the year 2000, I worked at the farm primarily digging and planting beds and harvesting for that year.  I also had the creative outlet making bouquets for CSA.  Now I work at the HGP store performing the tasks that help cultivate the generosity of the community and their financial support.

In doing this, I hope I perpetuate a means to end homelessness.  I’m part of a solution.  I’m able to applaud the good works of coworkers today because I was given the same opportunities by HGP and WOFE back then.  Now I am encouraged by me peers.

It makes a better life when one has been validated through one’s purposes and intentions.  The project fills my whole life with fruitfulness so that it is not just a bleak existence daily.  Here I am enabled to be useful and instrumental toward the betterment of people.  And this happens with every step I take forward toward helping people to pull themselves up using “the garden’s” supports.