Rev. 9/22/20


  • Social Distancing.  Individuals should maintain a distance of 6’ from one another at all times .
  • General Hygiene.
    • Handwashing.  Individuals should wash their hands thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) and frequently throughout the day
    • Touching Face.  Individuals should avoid touching their face
    • Sneezing/Coughing.  Individuals should make sure to sneeze and cough into the crook of their elbow or use a tissue
  • Maximum Capacity. 
    • Customers.  Maximum store capacity will be 4 customers until further notice.
    • Employees/Volunteers.  Maximum store capacity will be 2 employees/volunteers until further notice.
  • Masks.  All customers, employees, and volunteers must wear a mask at all times in the store.


  • Surface Cleaning.
    • Beginning/End of Shift.
      • All light switches
      • All door handles
      • Toilet seat
      • Soap dispenser button
      • Sink faucet
      • Key Lock
      • Electronics (carefully with disinfectant wipe and then dried with paper towel)
        • Bluetooth speaker
        • Computer mouse and keyboard
    • Every Hour
      • High-touch surfaces/tables in store
  • Opening/Closing.  When opening/closing, arrive 15 minutes before/stay 15 minutes after your shift to do necessary surface cleaning.
  • Receipt Signing.  Two jars of pens labeled “clean” and “used” will be available for customers to sign receipts, as needed.
  • Transaction Method.  Credit and debit are strongly preferred, though cash is accepted.
  • Returns.  No returns will be allowed during this time to reduce contact risk.
  • Reusable Bags. Cashiers should avoid physical contact with any reusable bags brought by customers.
  • Customer Contact.  Cashiers should avoid physical contact with customers when providing purchased products and receipts.
  • Line Spacing.  Tape should be used to mark out 6’ spacing on the floor in the store to maintain social distancing between customers and with the cashier.
  • Hand Cleaning.  Cashiers will sanitize or wash hands
    • At the beginning and end of each shift
    • Between each transaction
  • Hand Sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer will be available for customers to use at the front of the store and for employees/volunteers to use at the cash register.