2014 Annual Report: Training Program

Relationships, engagement, accomplishment and positive emotion all play an integral part in well-being. A strength of our training program is our investment in the whole person, so that trainees can sustain their well being after graduation.

This is how trainees describe the effect the Training Program has had on their lives:

“Social workers, volunteers, employees, and other trainees are a great support, offering each other and me hope and guidance.”

“I’m very confident, much more than before, that my resume will get me a good job.”

“I have learned a lot about myself, added dozens of new skills, and learned to be confident in myself.”

Andrew and Chris at lecture

“I see myself as free – that’s a good thing.  I’m making enough money for room and board instead of being homeless – that’s a good thing.”

“I got a place to live that’s stable and safe.”

“I have made some new friends and started to reintegrate myself into society again.”

“I now have stable, reliable income.”

Bredette in the greenhouse

“Safety! I’m getting beyond meeting my basic survival needs, getting in touch with resources, and getting medical/dental assistance.”

“I am now able to see what a healthy, happy life looks like.”

“It has gotten me more interested in organic, healthy eating.”

“The HGP really makes me want to get more involved with the community.”

“I came out of a dark place, almost giving up.  Now my personal outlook on life is changing for the positive.”

“It is an amazing project that has helped me so much.  I look forward to everyday.”

Angela making a wreath

“[The Project] has a great support system.  I wish more people knew about it.  I have been spreading the word.”

“Being here at HGP has given me hope for obtaining employment in the future with healthy job skills.”

“Being here has put me on a new career path.”

–Reflections from many trainees about 2014