Apply to be an Intern

Requirements for Student Interns at the Homeless Garden Project

We strongly encourage you to:

  • Keep a journal of your experience, even if just a paragraph after each visit to the Garden.
  • Suggest one or two lectures/discussions that we might organize for interns to attend
  • Complete a specific project that you define with your supervisor. This is an opportunity to do something that contributes to the HGP while working on your academic goals. Proposal due to your supervisor
  • Attend midway check-in with the entire group of interns and the final meeting with your supervisor.
  • In your final paper for your sponsoring agency, include a section that examines your perception of how the Homeless Garden Project is meeting its stated goals. Hand in a copy to your supervisor at your final check-in so we can learn from your experience and impressions.
  • These requirements are similar to environmental studies internship program requirements. You don't have to do a paper for them and for us; just give us a copy of what you hand in. If another program is sponsoring your internship, they may have additional requirements; it will be your responsibility to know and comply with them.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to provide a copy of this contract signed by both you and your supervisor.

Minimum 10hrs/week
Duties, knowledge, and skills you'll be working on