Podcast with Jennifer Jewell

Jennifer Jewell’s podcast is up! It’s one of the most beautiful pieces about the Homeless Garden Project that we have heard. Thank you to all who contributed. Cultivating Place with Jennifer Jewell: http://bit.ly/CultivatingHGP 

Somewhere To Belong

Hello my name is Brenda Deckman and I love who I am today. I am proud to be part of the staff here at the Homeless Garden Project. It has changed my life completely. Almost 20 years ago, I left an abusive relationship and lost my son and my home. It was a difficult decision to leave, made when I …

Sustain in Place: A Series of At-Home Tastings

“The garden is an unending source of the miraculous, a joy that transforms our cooking and increases our pleasure at least a thousandfold.”

–Deborah Madison, from Vegetable Literacy

HGP’s first event of Sustain in Place: A series of at-home tastings, begins with a keynote video presentation from Deborah Madison. A pioneer in the farm to table movement, Deborah will share some secrets to the art of bringing out the best in farm-fresh produce, by leading us through making some of her favorite salad dressings.

Guests will also have the chance to come to the Farm to harvest your own salad greens, vegetables and herbs along with an accompanying gift bag featuring a bottle of wine and fresh, delicious, gourmet pasta from La Posta restaurant, in a reusable tote bag.


Rev. 9/22/20 GENERAL Social Distancing.  Individuals should maintain a distance of 6’ from one another at all times . General Hygiene. Handwashing.  Individuals should wash their hands thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) and frequently throughout the day Touching Face.  Individuals should avoid touching their face Sneezing/Coughing.  Individuals should make sure to sneeze and cough into the crook of their elbow …

A man in a dark shirt and baseball hat stands looking out over a garden, his back to the camera.

From the Bottom of My Heart: A Graduation Farewell

I’m no longer afraid to leave this sacred space in which we share. Upon reflection of the time I’ve spent with this amazing organization, and how I will survive without their daily help and support, I came to a realization: There are plenty of people out there who need this experience now just as badly as I needed it a year and seven months ago, and my moving on will open up an opportunity for someone who may be stuck the exact same way that I was, and I truly hope that HGP finds them like they found me.

Jennifer Jewell Book Reading: The Earth in Her Hands

The Homeless Garden Project Store presents a free online book reading with Jennifer Jewell, host of Cultivating Place, a weekly public radio program. Join the Homeless Garden Project on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, at 4PM in the first of a series of 30 year anniversary events! Jennifer Jewell will read from her newly released book, The Earth in Her Hands …


Rev. 6/3/20 COVID-19 Exposure.  Individuals should not come to the farm if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have had close contact with someone who has had COVID-19. Masks.  Individuals should come wearing their own masks.  Masks are NOT a substitute for other social distancing practices Temperature Check. All volunteers will have their temperature checked when they arrive at the …

Jonathan Franzen, Keynote Speaker at HGP Sustain Farm Supper, August 24, 2019

 “In Santa Cruz, where I live, there’s an organization called the Homeless Garden Project. [. . .] It can’t ‘solve’ the problem of homelessness, but it’s been changing lives, one at a time, for nearly thirty years. Supporting itself in part by selling organic produce, it contributes more broadly to a revolution in how we think about people in need, …